Date: Tue, 24 Sep 96 19:55 EDT
From: Mark Hurvitz <>
Subject: A _Reverent_ Question About the Kipah
Message-ID: <>

To those of you who wear a Kipah (either in general or in the synagog)
and encourage (and/or insist, require, etc. that) those in your
congregation and/or religious school wear one either while at school
and/or in the sanctuary...

Do you wear Tzitzit?

If not, why not?

And also, if not, how do you make the distinction between a Mitzvah
mi-d'oraita and a... how shall I call it, a custom developed in recent
historical time?

I ask from the perspectives of how we respond to Mitzvot as well as of
sociology and anthropology (that is, how common is this and how does
one particular behavior supplant another).

I appreciate your thoughtful response and while you are welcome to
respond to me privately, I think that this is an issue that would have
meaning for the collective.

`//rite on,
,\\ark Hurvitz

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June 5, 1997